Finding a job in Indonesia could be challenging, due to a number of job seekers are higher than the jobs that available in this country. That’s why, for Indonesian women, a good appearance will be extra points besides skills and attitudes if they want to be accepted in a job Interview. That’s why the fair n pink cc cream and body serum has been invented.

These cream and serum won’t just make your skin healthier, but they will maintain your skin health as well. One bottle of CC cream has four functions, there are the skin moisturizer, whitening, foundation, and UV protector as well. While the whitening body serum will make your skin to be evenly whiter. Although the quality of the fair n pink products are exquisite, the prices of these products are relatively affordable. That’s why it’s important for every Indonesian woman to use this CC cream and whitening body serum as well. It’s not just to increase their appearance and confidence, it will also make them have the easier time in every job interview that they do.