In some countries in the world, many schools have been set to give their children a uniform to be recognized and got the specs of the school so that the school can monitor the movement of the child either in school or outside of school. In Australia, any school or school system itself sets their school uniform policy. Obliged school uniforms to eat at Catholic schools, both public schools and private schools. In some public schools, the use of school uniforms is not influential, because these schools do not find their policy in full to wear their school uniforms. Most, uniform both public and private schools sometimes have the school logo incorporated in the uniform ensemble and usually, on a tie and pocket, they blaze on its chest.

For boys, a uniform is generally included in a shirt with shorts and trousers. In the summer, they will get a uniform with shorts, but in winter they are required to wear long pants, so at school in the State 4 seasons then you will find several different types of school uniforms every season. In others, children older wear shorts in the summer, where shorts are worn normally composed with color plaid or striped, and most schools imposed a blouse for the summer and in high school, the girls wore skirts winter with a blazer and tie. In most schools, girls also are allowed to take the shirt and pants dark color.

In public schools, in Australia, uniforms usually dark colored polo for juniors and white for seniors. Trousers with a dark color and a skirt. School uniform in a set is equipped with a school tie or blazer. In the summer, the boy was not wearing a tie, pullover or jacket, usually just wear a version with short sleeve shirt and shorts. A tie, blazer, and cap are also common in private schools and catholic.