In the handling process of drug addiction, there are several methods of treatment and rehabilitation that are used to help the drug addicts to overcome their addiction. A lot of drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers have been using the methods of treating each of their patients, including the Drug rehab California. Some of the methods used in the treatment and rehabilitation process for drug addiction, then, are as follows:

1. Cold turkey
This treatment has been known to have the effect that an addict can immediately stop the use of drugs or addictive substances. This method is the oldest method used by confining addicts during withdrawal without giving medicine. After the withdrawal symptoms disappear, the addict is issued and included in the counseling session or non-medical rehabilitation. This method is used a lot by some rehab with a religious approach in detoxification phase.

2. An alternate method
The alternative methods of the treatment and rehabilitation process for drug addiction include herbal medicines and traditional medical treatments.

3. Substitute opiate therapy
As for the opiate therapy, it is only used for heroin-dependent patients or opiate. For the hardcore opiate addicts or opiate users who have been using the opiate injection for years, the addict usually will experience chronic relapse so to repeatedly undergo the drug treatment.

To fulfill the needs of consuming heroin, a type of illegal drugs, it is substituted with legal narcotics. Some of the drugs commonly used are codeine, buprenorphine, methadone, and nonreason. These drugs are used as a drug detoxification and given in doses that correspond to the needs of addicts, and then gradually the dosage is reduced.

4. The method of 12 steps; in the United States
If someone is caught drunk or abusing drugs, the court will give punishment to follow the 12-step program. Addicts who follow this program is motivated to implement the 12 steps is in our daily lives.