Window film is widely used by car owners to reduce the intensity of light when driving. Unfortunately, not many know how dark window film is right and ideal windshield replacement Phoenix. Here we who are the experts of the windshield replacement Phoenix will describe about the right percentage of the darkness of the glass from the windshield.

For safety, the front glass is recommended only 20%. But if you still feel 20% is still too bright you raise up to a maximum of 40%, oh yes and never more. Excess wear 40% windshield we would not be too harsh on the streets during the day. Another consideration is that night by using a 40% windshield, we can reduce interference due to the glare from the headlights of vehicles in the opposite direction.

But if you are often out of town with not many good roads or potholes, it is advisable to use 20%. However, some people feel the windshield does not need to be installed window film, reason is fear of not able to see clearly the road conditions at night.