Most cosmetic surgery is usually to improve facial proportions to achieve better alignment so that your face becomes good when seen Michele A Shermak MD. Many men and women feel disturbed by their facial proportions that are not appropriate, such as their ears are bigger than their faces, they were too chubby cheeks or wrinkles around their eyes. Some abnormalities of the face may be derived by genetic or been injured. You may no longer need to worry about it because you can find a solution when you meet with Dr. Michele A Shermak MD who have experience in running a variety of plastic surgery procedures.

For you who have excessive ear proportion as your ears are too big or commonly referred to Macrotia condition but do not have a hearing loss, then you can come and meet with Dr. Michele A Shermak MD. Mostly known as otoplasty ear surgery that serves to improve the shape, position or proportion of the ear. Ear fix defects that occur at birth, treating injuries to the ear due to accidents and create a natural and balanced formation of the facial proportions.