Some people will sacrifice their sleeping hours in order to reach the optimum result of their job. They might reduce 3 more sleeping hours in order to gain 3 more working hours, so they will be able to finish their job faster. However, it’s actually the opposite. Reducing your sleeping time will give you the negative impacts on your performance during your working hours. Choosing a bad mattress will contribute your sleep deprivation as well. Choose the qualified bed from the sleep number bed series, besides that the sleep number bed prices are relatively inexpensive as well.

Here are the effects of sleep deprivation:

1. Moody (emotionally sensitive)

You will get angry, sad, and happy easier. However, your emotion will be unstable, due to your sensitivity towards the emotional factors will increase.

2. It deteriorates your thinking capability

Your brain will be exhausted. You won’t be able to think clearly, so making a quick decision could end up terribly wrong.

3. Memory lapse

You will forget small things or the previous activities often. Your brain is actually screaming to get some rests, so when it happens, you’d better go to your bed immediately, and get the suffice amount of sleep.